Intelligent, environmentally friendly, and flexible: all-electric thrusters and slides

DESTACO introduces energy and CO2-saving, electric thrusters and slides from the 95W series.

Mar 21st, 2024 | Tags: Destaco In The News, Press Releases & News Articles - Global
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Oberursel, Hesse (March 21, 2024) – DESTACO, a global leader in automation, clamping, and gripping solutions, is expanding its lineup of intelligent, electric products with the groundbreaking 95W Series thrusters and slides. These work entirely without compressed air and not only provide exceptional performance in positioning and lifting but also contribute to energy efficiency and CO2 reduction.

The 95W Series thrusters and slides are equipped with integrated intelligence, allowing for a wide range of product variations and applications while providing important data for process control and optimization. Pioneering flexible manufacturing solutions, these units feature a control module that allows for adjustable lifting speed and height of up to 60mm.

This level of flexibility makes the 95W thrusters and slides suitable for a wide range of manufacturing applications. Multiple motor configurations and two different control and drive options (48V or 400V) offer additional customization choices to meet various mounting requirements.

Key product features include adjustable speed for optimizing cycle time, controlled movements for smooth extension/retraction, unlimited lifting positions, high repeatability, and precision. These thrusters and slides also ensure quick installation and recommissioning after an emergency stop, with minimal cabling due to their daisy chain connection.

The versatility of the 95W Series thrusters and slides is showcased by their readiness for front and side mounting, as well as the ability to rotate motor connection positions in 90° increments. This allows for easy adaptation to individual requirements and optimizes installation flexibility.

With this latest innovation, DESTACO expands its product range to provide innovative solutions to customers across various industries and manufacturing environments. The 95W Series thrusters and slides are the perfect complement to the recently introduced 92W Series power clamps, highlighting DESTACO's commitment to advanced and intelligent manufacturing solutions.

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