Electric Guides/Lifters – 95W SERIES

DESTACO now offers the 95W electric guide/lifters with adjustable stroke speed and height up-to-60mm, by way of the integrated control module. They can be ordered and/or configured in a straight or redirected configuration and motors can be rotated for greater flexibility. They also features integrated sensors that allows for production variations.

Leading the way into the future, our growing BIW product line of smart, electric products eliminate CO² use, provide important data and control for optimizing efficiencies, and are a frontrunner for flexible manufacturing with Plug & Play solutions.

As production requirements evolve, DESTACO will continue to expand our product portfolio of EcoSmart solutions for use in all types of manufacturing processes.

Markets: AerospaceAutomotiveFood and Packaging, Industrial

Applications: Fixturing and Testing, Welding, CNC Machining

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