Brand Pillar: Comprehensive

Industry: Automotive/ Transportation

Product Lines: RTH/RDH Parallel Grippers

Related Product(s): RDH-2M-C
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A customer offering customized solutions for CNC/Machining was looking for an efficient pick and place solution for steering column components. The specifications called for high-precision part detection with a simultaneous increase in productivity and a reduction in system weight. A high level of performance in harsh working environments was also specified.


The pneumatic RDH-2M-C Parallel Grippers from DESTACO, which are additionally protected against air failure using a safety spring, impressed the customer, who installed a total of 20 of these grippers in five machines. As these are standard grippers from the DESTACO Xpress Program it was possible to resume production within a very short time.



The grippers used in DESTACO’s machine-based production offer the customer numerous advantages. Their design enables the combination of high grip force with sufficient stroke – despite their small size and the resulting reduction in weight. This enabled the customer to increase productivity in production compared to the previous installation. Using the same, quickly available standard Xpress grippers also reduces the maintenance workload.

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