Small Payload Robot Tooling

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Small Payload Robot Tooling (<10kg)

DESTACO has designed its cobot tooling solutions for simplicity and ease of use with off-the-shelf availability via kits that feature all of the end-user selected accessories, along with the hardware and tools needed for installation, reducing the need to consult an application engineer. All of the tooling solutions are compatible with cobots that have an ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6 end-of-arm mounting pattern. Blank robot and tool plates are offered for those who wish to use their own mounting patterns.

Cobot tooling solutions that DESTACO offers include:

· Robot Quick-Move Base Solutions

· ARV Vacuum Grippers

· Magnetic Grippers

· Multi-Mount Tool Array Solutions

· Multi-Mount Machine Tending Solutions

· Multi-Mount Tool Extensions

· Micro-Tool Palletizing Solutions

· TC1 Manual Tool Changer

· Tool Tree Storage Solutions

· Robot Direct Connect Gripper Adapter

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